About Us

We are India’s First Corporate Website on Social Lifestyle and Infotainment. “TLH-Life” – India’s first very niche online platform which caters to the social lifestyle needs of the corporate world. We at TLHLife.com strongly believe that this platform would help create an effective, interactive platform between your brand and the corporate world.

TLHLife.com  is lifestyle & Infotainment website, with lots of interesting contents especially designed for the corporate world.

TLHLife.com  covers corporate world 360 with Lifestyle, Wellness, Investment, Health, Career, Entertainment, F&B, Education, Art, Social and Sports, which directly or in directly affects the life of the people working in corporate world. In true manner, this is the corporate world’s very own socio lifestyle and infotainment platform.

TLHLife.com  got its nomenclature from “The Lunch Hour” (TLH) as it covers those issues which are being discussed over the “Lunch Hour” of the offices.

Corporate World is the today’s global Indian – consisting of mainly of young, well educated cosmopolitan outlook individuals; from across India. They are now working in the world’s best corporate culture. Thousands of expatriates are also working out of these corporate. This segment which we are catering is the age group of 25 – 45 years with an average income of Rs.85,000/- per month.

TLHLife.com  is visited & read avidly by a sophisticated and affluent demographic with an appreciation for fine dining, arts and culture and the unique flavour of life. Our readers take “good taste” beyond the table and appreciate the local flavour and flair in the homes they live in, the clothes they wear, and the entertaining they love to do. In true meaning, they are Active & Educated, Affluent, Education Oriented & Deeply ​Loyal audience.

TLHLife.com  has been envisioned and conceived by S.H.Rizvi. He is a NRI and his exposure to the lifestyle of Gulf and European countries, including Canada, motivated him to start this portal for the corporate world.

We do offer special rates for advt campaigns. This is based according to the campaign duration and space.


About the Company

“elephANTS Media (P) Ltd is ‘strategy focused’ Modern Media Marketing (MMM) company based in Delhi NCR providing services into SEO, SMO, Events, PR, Corporate Barter, Mobile Solutions & In-film Advertising, along with publication. We pride ourselves in providing ‘no nonsense’ solutions to our customers – which will grow their business, strengthen their brand and make them market leaders in their field. We always strive to be fully committed, honest, transparent, communicative, and professional and jargon free. We shall thrive to match smaller players with their bigger counterparts of their industry.”