Yoga – an Instrumental practice

YOGA practices are an ideal antidote to stress and are proving to be the basis of a powerful therapy for mental and physical diseases.Yoga can be easily integrated into our daily lives as it only requires 30/40 minutes of daily practice to obtain beneficial results quickly..!!

For most of us today’s lifestyle accentuates mental worries and seemingly insoluble problems at any levels, such as personal interpersonal relationships , economics and so on…. At the same time sedentary work is increasing due to the increase in technology and labor devices.

This has led to a situation in which mental and physical ill health is increasing . Thousands are turning to tranquillizers , alcohol, In a vain attempt to cope. Without an antidote there seems to be little hope..

Numerous modern physical culture systems are designed to develop the muscles to mechanical movements and exercise. Asanas (yogic physical exercises) are designed to develop not only the body but also broaden the mental faculties and the spiritual capacities.

The fundamental difference between yogic exercises and other exercises is that physical culture usually emphasizes violent movement of the muscles. This tends to produce large quantities of lactic acid in the muscle fibers , causing fatigue.  Asanas  are practiced slowly ,reducing the production of lactic acid, whatever is produced is neutralized by the increased oxygen that is taken  in during the accompanying deep breathing.

Muscle development does not necessarily mean a healthy body as it is commonly understood health is more properly viewed as the state where in all organs function properly under the intelligent control of the mind..

‘Asanas’, A term which means steady pose. It is meant to be held for sometime.. Initially our concern is simply to increase body flexibility  Yoga exercises focus first on the health of the spine its strength and flexibility. The spinal column houses the spinal-cord the main nerve cable of the body maintaining the spines  flexibility and strength through exercise, circulation is increased and the nerves are insured the supply of nutrients and oxygen.


Asanas work on the Internal machinery of the body the glands  and the organs, as well as the Muscles. They affect the deeper and more subtle parts of the body. The internal organs receive massage and stimulation through the various movements of the asanas, and are toned  into more efficient functioning. The  Endocrine  system is rejuvenated,  helping to balance the emotions and improve the mental outlook on life. Hand-in-hand with the practice of asanas, we practice deep breathing and concentration of mind. One hour of practice will give one hour of exercise one hour of deep relaxation one hour of meditation through developing the concentration powers within the pose .

The yoga system off exercise can be compared to no other in its complete re-hauling  of the entire being. Performed slowly and consciously the asanas go far beyond mere physical benefits becoming a mental exercise in concentration and meditation.



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