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RJ Divyaa Vasudeva

Divyaa Vasudeva

Birthday: 19 October

(so is sunny deolJ)

Sunsign: Libra

Place of Birth: New Delhi

Hometown: Delhi

School: Sadhu Vaswani international school for girls, MotiBagh, New Delhi

College: Bachelors in Mass Media and Mass Communications from Indraprastha College for Women( Delhi University)

Masters in mass communication (MCRC, JamiaMiliaIslamia University)

First Break: Started as a radio jockey and copywriter with Sfm(now red) in Jaipur in 2007.

Q: What made you choose your career as R.J?

A: I was always the first in the queue to participate in any extracurricular back at school and to me talking was always the most favorite thing to do. Participating in inter college radio jockey competitions and winning it made me kind of sure of where I was going. I was always enticed by the medium and even as a listener participated in contests and phone-ins to learn how talking to a voice makes you so happy.

RJ Divyaa Vasudeva
RJ Divyaa Vasudeva

Q: Project you are currently working on?

A: I am a radio jockey with radio city today hosting a beautiful show called “gyarah se do Ma Behanka show”. I talk to women about day to day issues, celebrities from Bollywood and TV soaps and get experts to guide on various aspects of life from health to beauty, counsellors to fashion experts.

Q: How does your personality differ in your real life?

A: It’s easier being you than somebody else. I am just the same way on and off the air. Radio is all about being somebody’s friend and I believe, if you are natural, you are better connected with. Also, it’s easier to express yourself if you don’t have a facade.

Q: What do you do when not working?

A: I sleep. Also, I travel a lot every now and then because that is one way of knowing yourself better and stories from the road are always new and fresh to be shared.

Q: Where do you see yourself after 15, years from now?

A: I don’t know…but I am sure I will be talking somewhere…somehow…J

Q: Memorable moment or day of life?

A: Meeting Salman Khan for the first time for an interview at Mehboob studios for ‘ready’ on 22 April 2011. I have always been a crazy fan of Salman and having interviewed most of the celebs.This one will always be special.

Q: Currently what all do you have achieved?

A: Last year I won the prestigious 30th Dr S. Radhakrishnan Memorial National Media Award 2014 for outstanding contribution in the field of radio by a Woman Radio Jockey.

I am also a qualified lecturer and taking sessions across various colleges is something I take as an achievement.

Q: Place you love to hang out in Delhi NCR?

A: My most favorite place is Khan Market for some of the best cafes and lounge bars. I love the Blue Door Café there and always call it my happy place. Evenings are less cluttered and food options are plenty.  I also love to take a walk around Jan path once in a while since it has always been a crazy shopping paradise since college days.

Q: Love of your life?

A: In exact order… radio…food and this mad guy I am in love with…..

Q: If you have to write an autobiography what will you name it and why? What would you like to write?

A: It will be called ‘my firsts and my last’…  journey through the firsts you do to the last you wish for. 🙂

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