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Amit Munjal

How to use Health-Tech to be more Productive & to live 10 Years longer

India’s $100 Billion Market is broken and “Doctor per 1000 people” ratio is one of the worst in the world. 3 major challenges in Indian Healthcare System are problems of:

  1. Accessibility(One wastes 3-4 hrs of one’s time between getting ready, dealing with 2X traffic & 3X parking issues and twiddling our Thumbs in waiting room of the clinic. Is your Doctor available if you need medical advise at 3 am in the morning or when you are traveling to a different city…)
  2. Reliability(Does your Doctor give 100% Satisfaction Guarantee if you are not happy with the services)
  3. Consistency(Different Doctors and Clinics charge different consultation charges as they have to pay for their Fixed costs of Infrastructure, Employees etc and make profits as well)


 With DoctorInsta, India’s 1st Video-Medicine company, We are solving these three problems by:

  • Providing you 24×7 access to Doctors (you will be connected to a Doctor in under 3 minutes)
  • Putting stringent quality control and assurance procedures in place and with Doctor Selection Ratio of only 3% (only 3 out of 100 applying doctors are selected to practice on our platform), we feel very confident about quality of our healthcare services and so, can offer 100% satisfaction guarantee to our patients.
  • Offering only one very reasonable & standard fee so that Patient doesn’t have to worry about different price points for health consultations.

DoctorInsta mission is to:

  • Bring Quality Healthcare to everyone’s finger “Taps”: Anytime, Anywhere
  • Help our Fellow Indians increase their lifespan by 10 years (and live a healthier, happier life)
  • Increase Productivity of the Nation by 15% (by reducing absenteeism and sick hours)

DoctorInsta is bridging the gap between Doctors and Patients through its innovative digital platform that marries Healthcare with Technology to bring you Caregivers in diverse medical fields such as General Medicine & Pediatrics for your Physical Health, Diet & Nutrition for your preventive care and Psychology for your Mental Health.

Backed by an experienced team of Doctors and Management Professionals from all over the world, DoctorInsta is disrupting the status quo of Indian healthcare industry and making it a frictionless process for patients.

Value Proposition:

  1. Through Video/ Audio, the highly educated and trained Doctors at DoctorInsta can Look, Listen, and Engage with the patients to diagnose and to offer effective treatment in 15-30 mins, thus saving 3-4 hours of Ones’ time.
  2. DoctorInsta is fixing the problem of accessibility by providing 24x7x365 access to quality healthcare.
  3. Standard pricing, stringent QA/QC policies to on-board good quality caregivers and offering 100% Satisfaction guarantee to users resolves the problem of consistency and reliability in the $100 Billion healthcare market.
  4. Since Users can consult doctors in the privacy of their home/office, one doesn’t have to risk getting any new Infection or deal with Social Stigma (in specialties like Psychology, Sexology).
  5. DoctorInsta also has a robust ePRM (electronic Patient Record Management) to retain patient health history and diagnosis for the rest of one’s life.
  6. Triple Bottom-Line Focus with Impact on People (Better Health), Planet (Lower Carbon Footprint as no travel required and fewer non-renewable resources consumed as not as many clinics and hospitals will be needed) first & then Profits for Investors & Shareholders.

DoctorInsta Business Model:

B2C Model – People can consult highly trained caregivers, anytime they like and from anywhere they are, for a set price. Every consultation whether for Preventive Care or for Physical or Mental Health comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

B2B2C Model – A boon to Employers

We have incorporated the PMPM (per member per month) approach wherein a company will pay a very small fee and in return the employees will get a deep discount on consultations.

The key findings of this program that 70% of Fortune 500 companies in the western world have enrolled for are:

  • 12Xreturns on every dollar spent by the employer ensuring a win-win through:
  1. Reduced healthcare costs with more focus on prevention and early detection
  2. Decrease Absenteeism (Our data shows that Sick Leaves/Hours in a Company drop by 20%)
  3. Increased Productivity of 15-20% for Users, Employers and nation as a whole
  • Morale Booster and Feel Good Factor generator amongst employees that their Employer cares for them and their family.
  • Innovative Solution for your white-collar work force which might be time-starved or traveling

We are available through all the major platforms like Apple, Android (download the free app) and Web (www.DoctorInsta.com)

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