May 2015

It’s time for a new vision, for soul purification & for connecting with the divine. Learning from past experiences & being down to earth will help you overcome the current challenges. Flexibility & being empathetic towards colleagues will ensure new beginnings & career elevation. Connecting with nature, art, music will help you experience peace & contentment. Being balanced in thoughts, words & actions will shower you with love.
Lucky colours: violet, white, orange, yellow & green

It’s time for the completion of your much awaited dream/desire/project. Being positive, flexible & creative will reward you with career success. Avoiding ego/rigidity will bless you with god’s support along with society’s support & will take your projects/dreams to completion.Being innocent & down to earth will surely sweeten your relations & love life.
Lucky colours: Light/ Bright green/pink, white

The only thing permanent in life is change & this phase is also temporary. This too shall pass & make way for new developments in life. Staying positive & patient will surely help you be peaceful despite the current inconsistent emotions & states of mind. Impulsive decisions must be avoided in career & personal life for all will be settled & good time is ahead.
Lucky colours: lemon, white, violet

Strengthen your aura & avoid getting impacted by the negative energy & influences around you as you are a pure soul & must be your original self. Avoid getting influenced by the unfavorable surroundings & circumstances in personal/professional life & wait patiently for favourable time & circumstances. Getting into new partnerships must be avoided this month. Purify your surroundings/house with rock salt, incense sticks & mantra chanting.
Lucky colours: white, lemon, light/bright green & pink

Sharing your knowledge, experience with people around & displaying abundance mentality will crown you with career success, recognition, wealth & luxury. Expectations, rigidity & being conditional must be avoided. Take care of your health & be a role model for humanity. Being generous, loving & optimistic will bless you with love.
Lucky colours: red, yellow, light/bright green/pink

Listen to your inner voice & follow the divine message. Don’t allow the conditioned mind/brain to confuse you. Connect with your soul /guru & avoid questioning the soul’s message. The answers you get are the divine instructions for you. Taking career/personal decisions under peer pressure/influence must be avoided.
Lucky colours: violet, indigo, white

Taking responsibility, being focused & transparent will help achieve stability in life. Extravagant expenditures & quick changeability in decisions must be avoided. Plan your expenses well & implement the same for financial stability. Be your true self & avoid pleasing people at the cost of self sacrifice. Stability, consistency & persistence in career & love life are truly needed.
Lucky colours: light/bright green, violet, white, yellow

It’s time to come into awareness & for realization. Avoid getting influenced by people around. Accept the present & forgive yourself & others for the bitterness & negative actions. Let go of guilt, confusion, desires & expectations. Listening to your mind & soul will surely heal your personal & professional relations.
Lucky colours: white, yellow, lemon, light/bright green

Following your intuition & turning your ideas into action will reward you with growth beyond your dreams. Rigidity, ego & delay in action must be avoided. Positive & effective communication along with being action/solution oriented will crown you with phenomenal career/life success. The more you sow, the greater you shall reap for time is favorable.
Lucky colours: red, maroon, indigo, yellow, green

It’s time to celebrate life happiness & growth. Be receptive, balanced & enjoy the present. Taking balanced decisions & being focused will bring growth in your career. Keeping your success private will shower you with joy & success. Unconditional love & happiness will help you experience true joy in life & relations.
Lucky colours: yellow, lemon, light/bright green, pink

It’s time for integration & complete balance in thought, word & action. A harmonious blend of head & heart, skill & will, team work & individuality, competence & character will crown you with career growth. Harmony & oneness will add value to your love life. Keeping anger under control & taking balanced decisions will reward you with the desired success.
Lucky colours: light/bright green, pink, white

It’s time to work on healing your current state of mind. Avoiding rigidity & harsh communication despite unfavorable circumstances will help you feel relaxed. Counseling, music, meditation, chanting, pranayam will surely help clear the accumulated thoughts/instability of mind. Being peaceful & positive within will help you outshine the external challenging circumstances at work/personal life.
Lucky colours: Violet, white

Bhavika Khurana

She is a renowned Tarot Reader, Numerology & Colour Therapist, working for past many years. She has a renowned list of corporates as well as individuals.

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