Sufi Music

The song of the soul

Sufi music inspired by Sufism is a genre of music that thrives in country like Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, each with a regional flavour.

Sufi music seeks to unite listeners with the Divine. Sound and music is thus central for the core experience of Sufism, since music is regarded as a means for the believer to get closer to the divine. Sufi music therefore is the music of the ‘soul’, by the ‘soul’, and for the ‘soul’.

It is also considered as a way to enhance the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of the listener or performer

What started out as Devotional Islamic music is a new trend and has over the past few months infiltrated night clubs with live Sufi nights. Live Sufi band nights at Imperfecto Cyberhub are one of the busiest nights that they appeal to all Corporates whose ages range from 25 to 60. They can went their days frustration and unwind with these soulful melodies and go back home refreshed.

“A friday night that was long due at the HUB….Imperfecto has raised the benchmark…Kudos!”

Sufi Music Night

Sushant Khanna

Founder, XLNC Services Inc

“I come to Imperfecto regularly but tonight was simply awesome…The music, the food, the crowd. Thanks you Imperfecto for bringing Hari n Sukhmani back to us”

Sufi Music Night

Rahul Chanana

Area Manager,

American Express

“Corporates, like myself,  wait for Imperfecto’s events calendar..They never disappoint…For our generation, Sufi music is a sort of release for the soul after slogging the traffic on Delhi and Gurgaon roads and tonight was worth even the 20 Km Jam”

Sufi Music Night

Rishabh Sharma

Manager Business Development, Mobile Accessories, SnapDeal

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