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Not mere watch – Apple Watch

Much like most other smartwatches, the Apple Watch isn’t a standalone device — it’s a phone accessory. Android Wear, Samsung Gear, Pebble and others work the same way. But here, you must own an iPhone 5 or later to use the Watch. A few Apple Watch functions work away from the phone, but the watch primarily works alongside the phone as an extension, a second screen and basically another part of your iOS experience. It’s a symbiote.

Communication, fitness, information, time: these are the core Apple Watch functions, but the Watch is incredibly ambitious, packed with many, many features and apps. In scope, it reminds me of Samsung’s ambitious Gear smartwatches, but more fully realized.

Apple Watch receives messages from friends, send texts and lets you dictate messages, make speakerphone calls, ping people with animated emoji, give love taps long-distance or send your heartbeat as a sort of long-distance hug. It tracks your steps, logs runs and monitors your heart rate. And yes, you can use Apple Watch to listen to music via wireless Bluetooth headphones. You can play songs like an iPod, get notifications and run apps like a mini iPhone and make payments with Apple Pay. And it has a totally new force-sensitive display that’s never been seen before.

The Apple Watch comes in three different models, two different sizes, and six different finishes, with a range of swappable bands. It’s designed to be Apple’s most personal product: fashion as much as it is tech. Apple’s products have been fashionable for years, but now Apple wants these watches to transcend into jewelry.

THE GOOD The Apple Watch is a beautifully constructed, compact smartwatch. It’s feature-packed, with solid fitness software, hundreds of apps, and the ability to send and receive calls via an iPhone.

THE BAD Battery barely lasts a day and recharge time is slow; most models and configurations cost more than they should; requires an iPhone 5 or later to work; interface can be confusing; sometimes slow to communicate with a paired iPhone.

THE BOTTOM LINE The Apple Watch is the most ambitious, well-constructed smartwatch ever seen, but first-gen shortfalls make it feel more like a fashionable toy than a necessary tool.


Traxstar is a small, bar-shaped device that can be easily tagged along with your loved ones and interacts with a mobile app that helps a user to keep track of any person with the TRAXSTAR device. This app works on the location data synced via cloud, provided to it by GPS device. This device for all those special children who necessitates additional care form their loved ones. Moreover elderly people who often tend to get contact with disease like Alzheimer, where they suffer from short terms memory loss. Traxstar can be their helping hand to make you aware as when they need you the most and for you to keep an eye for their safety.

Traxstar  Comes with:

  • 3 prefixed call numbers to communicate with 3 different persons by a click of a button
  • SOS button click by your near ones that keeps on dialing 3 prefixed numbers
  • GPS tracking of location of your loved ones at any given point in time.
  • SMS alert on entry/exit of trusted areas.
  • Automatic school attendance registration & much more.

Key Features

Locate using Mobile Applications

Traxstar gives you the power to search your loved ones through any of your smart phones. Using your Android or iOS device you can easily track the location of the person having the Traxstar device. Locate Using Web Portal on Internet

Traxstar web portal is specially designed web page for schools and parents to get online information to track the location of the children.

SOS and Family Numbers

In case of emergency kids can use the calling function in the device. Traxstar comes with a 3 prefixed call numbers to communicate with 3 different persons by a click of a button.

Authentication of Parents & School

Traxstar keeping confidential the location of your child and only allows authenticated user like parents and school to have access of your child’s location.

Apple Watch

Geo Fencing (Trusted Areas)

Traxstar allows you to create a trust fence to get an alert as in when your child enters or leaves your trusted areas.

Alerts & Notifications

Parents get the notification like SMS, Call or App Alert notification for different  situations. They can also set when they want a notification and what type of notification. Multiple recipients can be set for notifications.

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