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Budding RAAHGIRI spirit in Capital


For Dilliwaalas, cycling, jogging, or even attempting to walk on the road is a Harakiri mission. Actually, even attempting to drive through certain areas is.

Owning the streets, and making it possible for us citizens to actually see the tar is Raahgiri {means boss of the road}. An initiative started in November of 2013, Raahgiri is a campaign that bans automobiles for a few hours every Sunday morning, and replaces them with activities ranging from yoga, jogging, dance classes, Cross Fit, roller skating, aerobics, cycling, badminton and volleyball. A refreshing change from cramped parks, pedestrians and bikes dodging traffic, and the dearth of any real open space in the Capital, Raahgiri is bringing street back; and the cars have no choice but to call it a {Sun}day.



Delhiites from various parts of the city have become a part of this grand event. With music all around, They are  seen cycling, jogging, walking all around the circle, including doing other leisure activities on Sundays. There is zumba session, Gym training, as well as street football and cricket. Children and adults alike are seen with their roller skates and bicycles..



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